1. A Song for Linklater

  2. Haunted 76' Oldsmobile

  3. Acoustic Aquatic/Melodramatic LIVE

  4. Serpent Rider

  5. Codename Quake

  6. Go, Brave Conan!

  7. Beyond Heretic

  8. Gone Fishin'

  9. Lake of Fire (Redemption Song)

  10. A Song for Argento single

  11. King of Troy

  12. Mr.Domino

  13. You've Got Something Special

  14. Jokes

  15. Goodbye Bread cover

  16. Acoustic Aquatic III Part II

  17. Pretty Girl from Annapolis cover

  18. Love Hymn to Aphrodite by The Mountain Goats cover

  19. Stoked and Broke FIDLAR cover

  20. Right Around Tha' Corner (unreleased song)

  21. Not Sick Day covers

  22. Sick Day covers

  23. The Golden Girls go Hollywood

  24. You're looking pretty rough, that's hot Single

  25. Party like it's a better time in Your life

  26. When you're in love Single

  27. Single and ready to still be single

  28. Gameboy Vision

  29. Vintage Netural Milk Hotel covers

  30. Songs about Sharpie drawings on my hand and other things.

  31. Wanting More But Unsure cover

  32. Not everything I get is what I want.

  33. Shapes SINGLE

  34. keep on chooglin AJJ cover

  35. A Tragic Love Story from the Depths of a Basement

  36. A Love Letter to my favorite city in the world (And to my favorite friends in the world).

  37. The Mac DeMarco Tribute EP

  38. I've been in love (for two whole years)

  39. Ferry passing by Lady Liberty in the afternoon.

  40. Tonight by The Country Lesbians

  41. Happy April.

  42. Not to impose, but can I crash here for the night?

  43. Sunshine Soul by The Gerbils

  44. The Country Lesbians MIXTAPE.

  45. The Country Lesbians DEMO

  46. Bullshit Timmy.

  47. Brave As a Noun.

  48. Fluorescent Adolescent.

  49. Shallow Grave.

  50. Do you ever miss the snow?

  51. Tomorrow Doesn't Change.

  52. Or Whatever.
    Acoustic Aquatic.

  53. Symphony of Mythical Covers.


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